New InsideOuters? What?

What’s InsideOut to you?
A really cool platform to showcase creativity and learn more about my peers outside of their science-roles! I see this as an open-ended way to express some creativity and share some thoughts to connect with other people and I really love that. I’m excited to learn more about people in the center beyond their science and maybe connect individuals who have similar interests so we can all support our creative outlets together! An opportunity (and motivation) to experience the cool qualities and skills the people here will never write a paper on, or put in their CV.

There's so much amazing science that happens here at the center, which is all brought about by the amazing people that work here. Rather than showcase the science, this is a chance to showcase the scientist and their quirky, niche, unique character traits that everyone else may not be aware contribute to them pursuing the incredible science that they do.
What do you hope to bring to InsideOut?
A smile :)

No but really, I hope that I bring some cool ideas to the table that others will also find interesting. I enjoy chatting and finding ways to bring people together, so I see this as a fun new way for me to do that!
Likes: puzzles; Dislikes: taking myself seriously.

I like to tinker with things until I get something exciting or useful out of it, and whenever possible, interject comic relief. Usually, I do this with contraptions, but here we'll be working with people. Since the focus of this blog is non-science at the center, in contrast to the science we come here to do, I'm excited to see what exciting and useful things come from this perspective of collaboration, and I intend to have as much fun as possible along the way!
Why are you doing this ??
To challenge myself really. I’d like to try and step outside of my work-life and bring attention to the other things I can do besides science! I hope that by doing this, I will assign more value to growing my creative interests instead of only focusing on how to be better professionally. I hope I can also inspire others to reflect on and pursue their creative passions by offering an outlet to showcase all the amazing things people in our community create! So, I went to a few APS (American Physical Society) conferences when I was in undergrad, and there was a joke that was made at least once per day, at every conference, without fail. Something to the effect of: "We're all here because we love talking about physics, but we all hate starting conversations." Maybe it’s just a physics thing, but sometimes, it can be hard starting conversations. I hope this will be a way to catalyze some fun conversations and get to know people I otherwise wouldn't.
Can you see yourself "Before InsideOut" and "After InsideOut"
I can see it now – I share some of my art in our virtual art gallery and it catches the attention of a museum curator. My art goes in the Louvre, and I sell paintings for millions at auction.

Kidding of course :P

I would say my “before” would have to be someone who has creative outlets but doesn’t actively pursue them or spend much time on them. “After” I think means two things to me:

Personally, I am hoping those creative outlets become more of a priority and that I meet more artists in the center to share work and ideas with.

Externally (is that the right word?), I hope to make everyone’s day-to-day a little better, by contributing content that celebrates individuals in the community.
Before: Really only aware of the people at Martinos that I collaborate with on a regular basis.

After: A compendium of trivia facts about the researchers at Martinos.