Calling all Martinos Center Artists!

If you have been keeping your great creations for yourself all these years but are feeling ready to share…

It’s time to check out the virtual art gallery hosted right here on the InsideOut page!

If you’ve been keeping up the past few weeks, we have interviewed a few artists and posted a selection of their works in the art gallery. We would love to see it continue to grow!

Holly (our InsideOut artist) is taking up the leadership role in discovering all Martinos Center artists! Read why she thinks you should share your art!


Why should we share our art?

We create art for many reasons! Whether it is your hobby, you do it for fun, or use it to relax – art serves a purpose for us all. We think it is important to share your art with the community and with each other because it gives you a chance to share life and your experiences from your point of view.

“Sharing your art can inspire others to share theirs!”

If you’re like me, you might be a little shy or reluctant to share – especially if no one knows about your hobby! This is a great opportunity to not only showcase the amazing things you work on, but also encourage others to share as well. There’s no judgement here, anything and everything belongs in our gallery :)

“Art brings communities together!”

Have some down-time or just need a few minutes to think about not-science? This is a great way to take a mental break and enjoy some of the wonderful creations provided by our very own community. Art is a great conversation starter, and our gallery can give you the opportunity to scroll through and strike up a conversation with either the artists themselves or share what you find with your coworkers. You may even stumble across some art from someone you know and learn something new about them!

“When we share what we create, we inspire.”

I personally struggle from art-block ALL the time. I have so much motivation to make things but can never think of an idea. Sometimes the best solution is to check out other people’s creations to spark some inspiration for your own pieces. Try out a style or a medium you’ve never used or see how others use your mediums!

So, I ask the community…

What is art to you? You’ve read through my thoughts, now is the time to share yours!


What can you submit?

ANYTHING. Yes, anything! Paintings, drawings, photography, poems, music, etc. You name it, we have a spot to display it!

Cool, so how can you submit?

Reach out to us here:


Contributed by Holly Freeman